Harley Davidson Tattoos - Popular Tattoo Designs

Harley Davidson Tattoos - Popular Tattoo Designs112The Harley Davidson motorcycle and brand is an icon. Harley tattoos are a way of paying tribute to the bike, and connecting with the Harley community. Started by William Harley and Arthur Davidson in 1903 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the Harley has become the most popular bike ever built and has legions of proud owners all over the world. The HD has become a way of life, a statement of who you are, a head turner and an escape for so many people.

Harley Davidson Tattoos - Popular Tattoo Designs113History of the Harley Brand

The logo brand has also become a proud part of the tradition, and licensing of the logo alone accounts for approximately 5% of the Harley Davidson Motor Companys net profit (based on figures from the 2004 financial report). There is a strong and loyal following of the brand and Chopper style motorcycle, throughout the world.

The motorcycle has evolved a lot over the years. The first production model, in 1905 had a single cylinder 440cc engine. In 1911, a new engine was introduced, with a V-Twin design, with 810ccs. The popularity of the HD motorcycle soared and by 1920 it was the biggest manufacturer in the world.

The company went through some rough patches after the second world war, and changed hands in 1952 and again in 1981.

The release of the "Fat Boy" model in 1990, reinvigorated sales. The company went back to quality parts and away from mass production to differentiate the brand from overseas and other local mass produced bikes. Demand soared again and due to the quality assembly process, it was not uncommon for the waiting list for the most popular models to exceed 12 months.

A museum, dedicated to the HD motorcycle will be opened in Menomonee River Valley in 2008 to honor and celebrate the history of the bike and the brand.

Harley Davidson Tattoos - Popular Tattoo Designs114Harley Davidson Tattoo Designs

Associated with the huge success of the HD brand is the logo and other paraphernalia. One of the hottest items in this category is the Harley tattoo. Harley Davidson tattoo designs have evolved over the years, and allows the wearers to pay tribute and provides a connection with a special bike. The tats have many meanings to many people, but the overwhelming meaning is that of belonging. Belonging to the Harley community.

The most popular HD designs are badges incorporating wings and flames, eagles with the Harley logo, pictures of a motorcycle and either slogans, flames or both, patriotic tattoos with the Harley logo, Roses with the logo, hearts and knives with a banner for your slogan to be inserted. These are just a few of the most popular designs.

Harley Davidson Tattoos - Popular Tattoo Designs115Where to Get the Best Harley Tattoo

The hardest part is deciding what design you want and where to get the best quality Harley Davidson tattoos. Check out as many designs as you can on the internet to give you some idea of what you want. But remember the majority are low quality, and thousands of people have access to the same designs everyday, so you will end up with the same design as someone else! I searched a heap of free and paid sites when I got my tattoo. I can show you which are the best tattoo galleries out there specifically for the Harley tattoo.

Harley Davidson Tattoos - Popular Tattoo Designs116Since its inception into American popular culture in the early 1900s, the Harley-Davidson has remained one of the most vibrant cult symbols of all time. It's been over a hundred years since William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson first created their dream in the 1900s. and ever since, the Harley craze shows no signs of dying down. This bike subculture has been perpetuated not only through its legendary and unique motorbikes but also through the mind boggling repertoire of Harley Davidson collectibles and memorabilia. And not only that, there is also the tattoo.

Harley Davidson Tattoos - Popular Tattoo Designs117
As we all know, tattoos are one of the ways in which a lot of people decide to express their uniqueness of personal identity. For most, it is a symbol of freedom, freedom from the herd and the millions of people floating all around. Having a tattoo is a way of standing out among a crowd. Now when we look at the history of the Harley, the similarities are easily visible. In the bike culture, the Harley signified a kind of freedom and that expression of being on the road, free from all restrictions. Having a Harley Davidson bike meant that you were different and stood out from the rest of the crowd as well. Now when you combine the concepts of both, you get a winning combination, that is, the Harley tattoo.

Harley Davidson Tattoos - Popular Tattoo Designs118A lot of non bikers sport a Harley tattoo as well. This is an expression of a wish to be part of the legendary Harley subculture without actually riding a Harley Davidson bike. In a Harley tattoo, there can be many variations. One is an arrangement of the brand name intertwined within eagles, wings or wheels. The tattoo can also be the legendary bar and shield logo that was created in 1910. That is the most prominent Harley sign of all times. Also, another similar feature of both Harley Davidson bikes and tattoos is the factor of customization. Just as the bike is customized in different ways by its owner to give it a new and distinct look, in a similar fashion, one tries to make his or her tattoo the most unique possible. So different combinations and variations of the Harley Davidson tattoo has emerged over the years. A lot of the tattoos are in black, as is obvious.

Thus, the Harley Davidson bike has a very special bad boy image which has stayed over the years. Having a tattoo just perpetuates this kind of an image of daredevilry and adventure. You can twist and turn your tattoo into anything that you want to and make it an expression of your individuality.