Angel Wings Tattoo

Are you overwhelmed by the sheer number of angel tattoo designs out there? It seems there are countless angel tattoo designs to chose from, ranging from tiny angel wings tattoos to huge, full-back tattoos of guardian angels. How do you pick the one that best suits you?

Angel tattoos are attractive, especially to women, though men also have tattoos of angels - soccer star David Beckham, for instance, is proud of the guardian angel tattoo on his back. Angels symbolize many things, including beauty, morals, spirituality, and the pursuit of peace. It's important to remember the meanings behind the tattoos you choose, because believe it or not, all those different tattoos of angels mean something different!

The guardian angel tattoo means just what it sounds like. This is a tattoo that depicts the protector of mankind, and a guardian angel tattoo often means some sort of protection for the person who bears it.

We've all seen the delightfully sly, chubby cherubs. They are the angels who bring love into our lives, and often they are depicted with an arrow at the ready, prepared to strike love into the heart of someone special.

Archangels are the divine souls who bridge the gap between God and man. They are the warriors of good, and are often depicted with swords and armor, winds outspread, ready to defend as necessary. The most popular archangel is Michael, the one of seven who led the rebellion against Lucifer.

Fallen angels are popular with those who study the dark arts. Fallen angels are the ones who were defeated in battle. They are often depicted with their wings torn and their swords broken. Fallen angels are almost always tattooed in very dark inks, to lend a sense of foreboding.

The angel tattoo design you choose, whether it is a simple pair of angel wings or that full-bodied archangel, complete with battle gear, make sure it is one that depicts what you want to say. After all, angel tattoo designs are not just about looking good - they are about making a statement, too.

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